VBP Social

I had the pleasure of working with Rabble, VBP’s incredibly talented and small but mighty social team.

Instead of running for coffee, I ran Venables, Bell and Partners’ Instagram account.

Gus’s Podcast Post
The Ask: Make some social since Gus was in Adweek’s That’s Probably An Ad podcast.

Art Director: Kainoa Reponte
Copywriter: Vanessa Suarez

Taco Tuesday Story

The Ask: Post a story for Taco Tuesday.

Chelsea Smith is Fearless

The Ask: Post about the winner of the fearless project.

Art Director: Kainoa Reponte
Copywriter: Vanessa Suarez

Weird Cannes Post
The Ask: Come up with something to celebrate our Cannes win for Reebok’s Storm the Court.

*This video got removed from Instagram due to copyright issues,
but we worked hard on it so it’ll live here for now.

Creative Team: Kainoa Reponte + Vanessa Suarez
Production: Alexis Hazelwood
Editor: Danny Luksa