The Intern Project

The Brief
Come up with an idea that makes the world a better place.

The Big Idea
Director of ICE, Matthew Albence described the detention centers at
the U.S.-Mexico border to be more like summer camps,
so we turned them into one.


Camp Frontera

a “sleep-away camp” for kids located in Clint, Texas.

The first piece of creative I designed was a direct mailer.

Over 60 brochures have been sent directly to congresspeople around the country
who have actively supported (or who have not commented on) Trump’s immigration
policy separating children from their parents at the U.S. Mexico border.

The next piece of creative I designed was the camp website which dives deeper
and explores further. Ultimately, the website ends with three CTAs: (1) Donate to Save the Children,
(2) Sign a petition on, or (3) Find your local representative to call, email or write
to asking them for change on this human crisis issue.

The Team:
Art Director: Kainoa Reponte
Copywriter: Yotam Ohayon
Strategist: Ethan Aliste
Producer: Simone McLaren
Illustrator: Juanita Londoño
Talent: Cynthia Garcia-Villata

Intern Project at VBP lead by Jake Reilly and Aisha Hakim